Joey Early

August 27, 2015

All photographs by Joey Early

Who are you?
I am really just someone with a camera. I was raised to care about what is going on in my life from moment to moment and I believe that has stuck with me, especially when it comes to photography. After bouncing around from place to place and never really feeling settled I came to the conclusion that the only way I will remember all those little things is if I somehow document them and try to form a story around them. So that is what I am here doing, I am just someone with a camera trying to tell stories. 

What's this story about?
This trip was the culmination of quite a few things coming together. I got married just over a year ago and my new-ish brother in law had been promising us a trip, really he has been promising since before our wedding. See he is some kind of Montanan who has lived just about everywhere wild; He is a amazing fisher and hunter and has somewhat recently taken up running his own pack team. He pitched this trip to us and no matter how hard it sounded my wife and I were down because of what it represented with him allowing us to tag along. The trip was all about a place called Hawks Rest, the most remote Forest Service outpost in the lower forty-eight, it is one of those places you go just to say you have been there. Hawks Rest resides in the Yellowstone valley within the Bridger-Teton Wilderness twenty eight miles from the nearest road. Our plan was simple, two days in, two days there, and two days out; My wife and I were hiking behind the pack team and they were carrying a fair bit of our gear. After a late start and a few tense moments our plan quickly went out the window and we were winging it. Information on the trail isn't the easiest to come by and we had a few different mileage quotes from different sources so we were worried we wouldn't even be able to make it all the way back before we had to return. After running into a ranger on a day hike the day before we were going to give up we quickly ran back to camp to pack up and put in the last few miles to Hawks Rest. We were back there with just one day to enjoy just how beautiful and remote this place really was. The hot days had kept most of the wildlife at bay but we ended up with a wolf sighting and following grizzly tracks on our way out. In the end we hiked out all twenty eight miles in a single day with nine creek and river crossings, and after allowing time for our feet to forgive us it was a trip we are both glad we did. It was something that most people do not even know exists but it is something that is worth the rough trails to get there.

What's your favorite camera to shoot with?
If it were up to me I would only really shoot one camera and one film. I take a Leica M6 with me wherever I go, it is almost always loaded with TriX and I only shoot two lenses a 35mm and 75mm. If there is one thing know about myself it is that I will let gear run all over me and it will stop my from being as present as I should, so I dumb things down for myself on purpose. Shooting with what I shoot with stops me from thinking about what could be and focus on what is.

Top five albums?
Top five albums in no real order, cause really this is the hardest question. These are just currently what I am obsessively playing.

David Bowie, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
Queen, Literally any of their albums
Blakroc, Blakroc
Andrew Bird, Armchair Apocrypha
The Growlers, Hot Tropics

Favorite coffee?
I think I would be lying by saying that Black Coffee Roasting Co, is not my favorite, but since that is where I work I should probably pick someone else. I have always loved Analog in Capitol Hill, but that's probably because they serve Herkimer who would be my second favorite roaster.