Julie Pavlock

June 02, 2015

Julie Pavlock, mighty farmer, garlic queen of Montana, and Ben’s wife answers a few questions for us in the middle of her garlic harvest.

Why garlic?
Who doesn't love the stinking rose? It is at once a culinary delight and a medicinal miracle. adds flavor, depth and deliciousness to any dish, sweet aromas to your kitchen while cooking, as well as anti-microbial, anti-fungal and all sorts of feel good properties to your medicine cabinet. And for us it is a bonus that it grows so magnificently in our soils. our heavy clay soils stay wet and cool through the winter and spring, and our climate mimics the region where many believe garlic first made its start in life, the Caucasus. We like to think that growing great garlic brings a little bit of the Caucasus to Montana.

When did you know you wanted to be a farmer?
I think I always knew it, but after spending a year in NYC and then stepping on to the farm in Santa Cruz, it was overwhelmingly clear.

Favorite breed of horse?

Favorite motorcycle?
Norton Commando

Favorite bicycle?
The blue BMX that my parents gave me for my tenth birthday

Favorite cyclist?
Marianne Vos

Favorite place to ski?
Verbier, Switzerland

Bonus question: top five poets?
Joseph Stroud, Mary Oliver, John Keats, Gary Snyder, Anna Swyr