Maia Ruth Lee

August 13, 2014

1. Who is Maia
artist, wife, traveler and enthusiast!

2. What do yo miss most about Nepal?
I miss everything about it, but mostly I miss the sincerity and authenticity of the people there. Nepalis are warm hearted and genuine. 

3. Top 5 albums?
Discreet Music, Brian Eno / Crazy Sexy Cool, TLC / Pink Moon, Nick Drake / Legend, Bob Marley / Nevermind, Nirvana 

4. We're big fans of your project Troll, what's next?
We are waiting for another eureka moment, but it might be hard to top our last product which was the glazed ceramic tongue pipe. 

5. Beach or mountains?
I grew up in the Himalayas so I’m a mountain person at heart, but I’ve been really loving the ocean lately as I started surfing. I used to be scared of the water but I got over it pretty quick. 

6. Best thing about NYC?
I like that every day is a surprise. It’s hard to really assume what will be around the corner, who you’ll meet or what you’ll be doing.

7. Aside from the people at 35 Cross Highway, who is your style icon?
My real style icon is a cross between Lee Scratch Perry and Ali Macgraw

8. Tell us more about the fabrics we used on these hats.
These fabrics were hand-picked at a fabric market in kathmandu Nepal. The patterns, the colors and the way it’s woven is more traditional and quite unique and I think you can tell immediately that it’s special. I had fun going through dozens of fabrics and to see it made into a hat is amazing. It's exactly how i had envisioned it to be!

9. Say a tool and a color now!

***All images by Maia's husband and our bud Peter Sutherland