Melaena Mikael Missoula

July 24, 2014

This is what Mikael Kennedy had to say

 If you get an invitation from this man, say yes.

 We had left the west coast and turned back east on our month long, 9000 mile tour: out with the Deep Below Heaven show. We were tired, a little worn from some trouble in Oakland a few days earlier, when we pulled into the Moon-Randolph Homestead in Missoula, MT. All we knew about the show was that our friend Ben set it up and that 2 lambs were killed the night before and to show up early if we wanted sweet bread. 

This random stop on the road actually starts with an email a few years earlier. I was out on the road, driving around the west on the Ramblers Bone adventure when I got an email from Ben whom I'd never met in person saying:

 "you're driving right past my house, you guys have to come stay in our cabin."

 A few days later on a good whim we pulled into Ben's front yard and were greeted to a family feast below the mission mountains and a lot of friendly handshakes and welcoming smiles. So now….years later as I was out again on the road, I receive a new email from ben once again saying

"you are driving right past us again in a few weeks, you have to stop"

 Ben went on that his friend Matthew would set up a show for us at this, the Moon-Randolph Homestead that he was care-taking. If you ever get an invitation from this man, from either man, say Yes. We were once again greeted by a field full of family eating together, the cowboys had rode in from guarding their sheep in the hills to eat and give kids rides around the property, 2 freight hoppers just passing through from Arkansas showed up and opened the show closing with a walk in the hills around the RattleSnake wilderness once the sun had set.

Ben you’re 2 for 2, keep inviting and I’ll keep stopping by.