Tom Robertson

April 18, 2014

Tom Robertson is one of our oldest friends in Missoula. We love him dearly and so it was with great pleasure that we invited him along with us to Fernie BC for a little ski adventure hosted by Tourism Fernie. Armed with a gaggle of new and old friends Andrea Westerlind, Yumi Sakuma, Geoff Mcfetridge and Ben set out for fun. Here is what we found. Special thanks to Giro, Surface Skis, Fernie Wilderness Adventure and Matt Mosteller! 

1. Who is Tom Robertson
I'm a Montana-based photographer and outdoors enthusiast. A native Montanan who wasn't born or raised in Montana. A lover of quad espresso shots. And someone who can't sit still... Probably because of all of the quad shots. 

2. Why the Missoula?
It chose me. In the early 1990's, within hours of moving here, I knew I was home. I think it's 1/3 mountains, 1/3 people, and 1/3 the ability to be on a trail within seconds of stepping out of my front door.

3. Favorite photographer
It changes weekly. In the grand scheme of things, Richard Avedon, Galen Rowell, William Eggleston. This past few weeks a lot of Jake Stangel and Tom Hull.

4. Top 5 cyclists and why
1) Peter Sagan. Wheelies over finish lines. 
2) Fabian Cancellera. 12 podiums in the last 12 classics.
3) Tejay van Garderen. He's the only World Tour rider I've ever beaten in a bike race. Sure, he was 11 years old the first time (and I was 33), and by the time he turned 16 it never happened again. But I still have those few years. 
4) Zdenek Stybar. Style. 
5) Sven Nys. Because he's Sven. 

5. Tour or Giro?

Bonus Questions for extra points
6. Best coffee shop
How about top 3? Verve - Santa Cruz. Blue Bottle - Bay Area. Caffe d'Arte - Seattle. 

7. Why quad shots?
There's a pretty fine line between too much and too little caffeine. That line for me is consistently 4 shots per sitting. 

8. Top five albums?
The toughest question of then all. And one that took me 45 minutes to answer...and I still don't think it's right.
1) Uncle Tupelo. Anodyne
2) Rolling Stones. Exile on Main Street
3) Lucinda Williams. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. 
4) Grateful Dead. Europe ’72
5) Son Volt. Trace