Sinuhe Xavier

March 02, 2016

All photographs by Sinuhe Xavier

Who is Sinuhe Xavier?

The bastard son of a Colombian drug dealer that turned out OK against all odds. I direct commercials for Toyota, Nike and Jeep to pay the bills and shoot stills of my adventures on the side.


You grew up in Bozeman right? How could you leave Montana?

The grass is always greener on the other side. Been trying to get back since the day I left. Every now and then I get lucky and I get to shoot in Montana.


Why did you drive land rovers through the desert with Geoff McFetridge?

A nice lady representing Clark’s Desert Boots called and wanted to know if I was interested in driving from the lowest point in the continental U.S. to the highest point. They were a little bummed when I told them there wasn’t a road to the top of Mt Whitney. We made due though and drove to the highest road in California that winds up White Mountain just east of Bishop. Geoff and I had always talked about doing a trip in our Land Rovers and this felt like the perfect opportunity and we got to do it wearing new boots.


Top 5 photographers

Joel Sternfeld
Dennis Hopper
Mary Ellen Mark
Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Stephen Shore


Soundtrack to the trip

Link Wray
F.J. McMahon
Gene Clark
Sonny and the Sunsets


Bonus question, what’s in store for 2016? 

Colombia in March
Bolivia in May
Montana in September

Hopefully a move away from Los Angeles back to the mountains where I belong.