Giovanni Duca in LA

March 12, 2014

This Spring season we sent our pal Gio some caps. He shot some great images and answered a few questions

1. Who is Giovanni Duca

Giovanni Duca is a photographer who lives in Los Angeles.

2. Why the West coast?

Well, I was born and raised in the northern Bay Area, so I guess it chose me. After 7 years in NYC wanting a change, moving to Los Angeles seemed like a natural choice. A choice many of my peers who are also native Californians seem to make after living elsewhere. One I'm happy I made. 

3. Favorite photographer and why

Anyone, really.

4. Top 5 albums ever

Ha. This question always involves some betrayal. 5 that come to mind:

Buhloone Mindstate- De La Soul

Steve McQueen- Prefab Sprout

Tunnel of Love- Bruce Springsteen

Hard to Earn- Gangstarr

DI Go Pop- Disco Inferno

5. What's your five year plan

Pay the bills, try to have some fun.


Bonus Questions for extra points

6. What inspires you

Lines, shapes, driving around. 

7. City or country

I prefer the city. I'm never chill enough for too many days in the country.

8. What's your favorite museum or gallery

I always loved the Whitney in New York. It never seemed daunting, I could relax there. I would go alone every year on my birthday as a ritual. I was a bit sad to hear it was moving.

9. Favorite recent movie

I liked Prince Avalanche, David Gordon Green's remake of the Icelandic movie, Either Way. Nicely contained, precise, slyly trippy, and beautifully shot.