Josh Cohen in China

February 18, 2016


All photographs by Josh Cohen

Who is Josh Cohen?

Photographer, designer, and story teller living in Brooklyn and seeing the world.  

Why were you in China?

I was spending time with my friend Jing from Shanghai who I met in Kyoto two years prior. We'd been keeping in touch and told me she was going to some remote villages in the south west provence of Guizhou to do research on a book she was writing. She asked me to come with, how could I say no?! 

Favorite meal in China?

I tried so many things I never had before, although I was unsure what a bunch of the stuff I ate was. The tastiest dishes I had were some unidentified dumplings on the streets of Shanghai and Peking duck at a restaurant with an 80's Miami vibe in Beijing. 

Soundtrack for your trip..

The environmental sounds were all pretty intense, so mostly street noise and Chinese classics on the radio. More than a couple of times there would be folks having solo karaoke sessions on the streets with mics plugged into mini PAs, that was nice. Bridging the long travel gaps from city to village I think I was on an Arthur Russell kick.

What's on tap for Josh Cohen in 2016?

2016, the future. Experimenting with story telling, make lots of images, and purchasing a vita mix. 

Bonus question: top 5 movies..

Bad Lands
The Fifth Element