Brian Merriam

December 08, 2013

Our friend Brian Merriam took a trip to Montana. Came back with some really nice film. 

Who is Brian Merriam?

im a brooklyn based photographer and musician. i'm originally from upstate ny, but ive lived here for almost 9 years

What do you like most about Montana?

theres too much i like about montana to narrow it down to one thing. its a really vast place, and pretty much all of it is so so beautiful. the sky never looks the same twice, but it always looks amazing.

Whats your favorite Grateful Dead song?

also really hard to narrow down. im definitely a lot more partial to jerry songs. never been a big bob weir guy. theres a song called loser which is the first song on the Garcia solo record from 1972 that i really love. theres a live version of it on the GD record Dead Set, but the Jerry solo version might be my favorite, if that counts.

Who's your favorite photographer?

robert frank, joseph szabo, richard avedon's in the amercan west book is a pretty heavy influence. theres so many. plus a lot of my very talented friends. jordan sullivan, daniel arnold. the list goes on and on.

Whats your 5 year plan?

keep on keepin on. keep working hard. stay positive. get out of new york and into somewhere with trees and mountains. find some peace of mind.

Do you see yourself in NY down the road?

i dont want to live here too much longer. i love new york, but i need some time away. ill always come back in some capacity, but no i dont see this being my permanent residence.