Kids These Days with Adam Naples

November 16, 2019


We had the pleasure of being a part of this lovely film about Adam Naples and his love of Volkswagen and PA. Have a watch and scroll down for a little Q&A.

 1. What is your favorite VW and why?
My favorite Volkswagen is a toss up between the Vanagon (1980-1991), and the Split Window Bus (1950-1967). The Vanagon is kind of coveted as the "swiss army knife" of vehicles. There are so many upgrades and aftermarket suppliers for a hadrcore enthusiast to turn it into an end-of-days rig, or you can keep it stock and enjoy camping with your family down the street. The bus however has so much soul – anything worth a damn has to have soul. It's one of my favorite vehicle designs of all time, and well, it's pretty darn cute. You can't help but smile or turn your head when you see a smiling car coming down the road. Regardless, everyone (and I mean everyone) has a volkswagen story. I'll get people stopping me all the time to tell me their Volkswagen stories; they had one, or their parents had one. Every story ends with how unreliable it was and how they wish they still had it, all under the same breath.

2. What is the best thing about Lancaster PA?
My favorite thing about Lancaster is how buzzing the creative scene is. We have some heavy hitters here. Kind of like a big city feel but in a small town. Being part of that community is special. We're a smaller city, but don't need a big city market. We're making our voices and work heard right here. I'm also within earshot of the Wells Fargo Center. It's easy to head down there to go watch our 2019-2020 Philadelphia 76ers play bully ball. 

3. Best tool?
What's my favorite tool? Oh man. Well I'm always finding new little tricks and tools to help in the garage, but I might have to be lame and say a welder. It's like big boy glue. A necessity working with rusty (east coast) "junk".

4. Top 5 movies
I'm actually not much of a movie guy, which doesn't make much sense regarding my current career. I think I watch a new movie about once a year. I want to give you an intellectual answer, but really the movies I cling onto mostly have that nostalgic feel. The Sandlot, School of Rock – stuff I grew up on. I asked my coworker and director of this film, Zack, what movies I like, and he said "Sixers games".

5. Top 5 albums
Way more of a music guy, less of a movie guy. Some of my favorite records as of late are:
Floral Green - Title Fight (band I grew up seeing in Pennsylvania)
Break Down The Walls - Youth of Today
Lost In The Dream - The War on Drugs (also a band from Pennsylvania)
Lights Went Out - Praise
the entire discography from The Menzingers (another Pennsylvania band)

Many thanks to @threadcreativeco and director Zack Wilson @zackwilson_